Doah Lee was a member of FJORD gallery, a non-profit artist collective space based in Philadelphia, from 2017 to 2023. Over the span of seven years, she served as co-director and curator, dedicating herself to creating and fostering spaces that support artists and amplify the art scene within our community. Her curatorial work garnered recognition, earning features in ARTFORUM Critics’ Picks. In addition to her role at FJORD, she also worked as a freelance curator and writer, organizing exhibitions and conducting artist interviews beyond the FJORD platform. With a passion for creating spaces where art and artists thrive, Doah is always eager to collaborate with fellow creatives.
FJORD is an artist-run collective that elevates the visibility of both emerging and established artists within Philadelphia and beyond by facilitating exhibitions, curatorial projects, collaborations and public programing that highlight diverse media and artistic concerns.

Curatorial Project:

On and Off from You
Group Exhibition, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

FJORD is pleased to announce the upcoming group exhibition “On and Off from You,” featuring works by Emily Selvin, Katelyn Chapman, and Tania Qurashi. Curated by gallery member Doah Lee, the exhibition will be on view from August 5th to September 16th and an opening reception will take place on August 5th from 6-9pm. This exhibition, “On and Off from You,” presents works by three female artists who are exploring complex notions of femininity, gender roles, and power dynamics through visual media, including drawing, painting, embroidery, glass art, and mixed media-based sculpture. 

“On and Off from You” is a symbolic device used as a rebuttal to the “male gaze,” and how society sexually objectifies women. It depicts collective pain, and shows the challenges of living in a female body. Each artist uses their own social and cultural references and language to claim individual autonomy that reflects their identity and womanhood. The artists empower narratives and images of resisting social constructs and pressure, ranging from quiet subtle voices to bold and direct characters challenging the definition of femininity and “ways of seeing” one another. 

By Doah Lee

Lip-Sync Parade: Queer meditations on history and visibility
Group Exhibition, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

FJORD is pleased to announce upcoming group exhibition “Lip-Sync Parade,” featuring work by five Philadelphia-based artists Amy Cousins, Gabriel Martinez, Heather Raquel Phillips, Jesse Harrod, and Keenan Bennett. Curated by gallery member Doah Lee, the exhibition will be on view from November 29th to January 12th, and an opening reception will take place on December 13th from 6-9pm. This exhibition, Lip-Sync Parade, presents new works by the artists who are exploring complex notions of gender and sexuality through visual forms ranging across drawing, textile, sculpture, video and mixed media-based installation.

These artists wield visibility in their own ways, embracing marginalization to create empowering narratives and images that resist dominant social constructs. Their works urgently celebrate queer life and history through humorous, playful and peculiar characters; digestible tropes and tools expand the field of queer cultural production, challenging the definition of our body with its relation to power and privilege under binary-normative pressures.

Each artist uses their own social and cultural language to claim individual autonomy that reflects their sense of identity and community. The exhibition navigates our fluid relationships within private and public environs, allowing culture and art to shape our course. Their desire for visibility is imperative in order to restore the erased history of gender and sexual minority groups and to stand against continual censorship.

Lip-syncing is a symbolic device used in this exhibition to neutralize gender roles and sexuality, opening the stage for appropriation and challenging heteronormative expectations. The artworks confront the full spectrum of our diverse society and
voices in the power of the screaming lip-sync parade.

By Doah Lee

ARTFORUM Critics’ Picks, Lip-Sync Parade by Bea Huff Hunter

Double Space
“Terri Fridkin” Solo Exhibtion, Muse Gallery, Phialdelphia, PA

Online Exhibition Catalogue

Color creates space, and space unites color. Double_Space presents Terri Fridkin’s two different of bodies work; mixed media prints and wall objects.  In her non-objective, abstract work, she explores the fluidity of space by placing colors into the composition and having them coexist together as one.

Fridkin’s wall objects and collaged prints are derived from classical printmaking techniques, wood carving and monotype.  Interdisciplinary perspectives are embedded into her artistic practice by combining printmaking methods into painted, three-dimensional wall objects and also into her works on paper.  Fridkin’s intuitive response to her process of art making drives her to create works with structure.

Double_Space is about connecting and expanding two different spaces.  It is Fridkin’s third solo exhibition at Muse gallery.  Viewers are invited to experience how color perspectives define and occupy space and how they are unified into one pictorial area.  With minimalistic aesthetics, Fridkin reduces her color palette on each work.   This creates meditational spaces that invites people in from the outside, but simultaneously allows them to exist in her world too.

By Doah Lee

Other Bodies interview with Emily Culver and Elliot Doughtie

Doah Lee interviews Emily Culver and Elliot Doughtie at OTHER BODIES, a two-person exhibition curated by Kyle Kogut at FJORD gallery in summer 2018. In the words of Kogut, this show examines: 

“A desire to form intimate relationships between objects and the body. Objects are metaphors for a body in a state of flux, channeling the uncertain, defying expectation, and not functioning as something “should”. Embracing a perception of queerness, the works reject definition and savor the question of “what is it?”, through which function or non-function play a role to disrupt the viewer’s accepted normality.”

Trust Falls
Group Exhibition, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Curated by FJORD members

Works by Alexis Granwell, Matthew Higgins, Stephanie Kantor, Joseph Lozano, Kate McCammon, Samantha Mitchell, Kristen Neville Taylor and Zach Zecha

Trust Falls culminated from a candid interest in exploring what it means and has meant, especially over the past couple of years, to be a ‘neighbor.’ FJORD members looked to the straightforward meaning of this word, “someone or thing situated very near,” as the curatorial launching point and each member invited an artist who lives nearby their own home to participate in the show. The brief prompt launched a curatorial exercise that placed trust in our cooperative as we curated our first exhibition together in this new space. Trust Falls draws together a group of artists living and working in Philadelphia; we hope it might provide a fresh look at the expansive network and connections of our own city and communities. As we familiarize ourselves with our third location in the city, Fjord is excited to open our doors again and provide a space for dialogue and experimentation in a growing and changing city. The exhibition will be on view from from August 6 - September 10, 2022. An opening reception will be held Saturday, August 8th from 2-6pm.

Annual Juried Exhibitions, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia
Curated by FJORD members

Terra not so Firma, 6th Annual Juried Exhibition

Fever Dream, 5th Annual Juried Exhibition

Apparitions, 4th Annual Juried Exhibition

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