• About


    Born Seoul, South Korea
    Lives and Works in Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.

    Artist Statement

    In the course of my education I have experienced both Korean and western systems of art pedagogy. The transition between two values from East to West has created a rupture and simultaneous hybridity in my identity as an artist, instigating a process of fragmentation. In this state of flux that I have through my work I have experienced and explored a multiplicity of meanings, forms and aesthetics. My studio process integrates diverse aspects of printmaking, fabric and installation into the format of painting through layering.

    In my work I have explored how children speak and listen, or see and draw, and how images influence the way that a person’s identity is formed. The ambiguous nature and multiplicity of meanings within my complicated cultural and aesthetic influences drive my work and inform its layered quality. My recent investigations, focusing more specifically on issues of self-identification, are a continuation of my practice. I am especially interested in the developmental stages of identity which I address by surveying the influential elements of my childhood.

    I develop relationships between myself and different textures and imagery through an active engagement with different kinds of mark making and materials. This way of making is a response to my experience of complex environments, such as the politics of art education systems and cities both foreign and familiar. Layering is a means of disrupting clear readings of my work, but all the information and recorded responses are still there. Through the process of making, the images and multiple conversations within the composition question what both I and viewers see. I choose to represent my hybrid social experience through the use of multiple focal points within my compositions.